5 Clothing and Accessory Gift Ideas for 6-12 Month Old Girls (£30-£50 Budget)

Ah, the joys of godparenting! From spoiling your godchild rotten to being their ultimate playmate, it’s a role filled with love and laughter. But when it comes to choosing the perfect gift, things can get a tad tricky. No worries, though! We've got your back with five delightful clothing and accessory gift ideas for 6-12 month old girls, all within a £30-£50 budget. Each one is carefully selected to bring a smile to your little one's face and make you the hero of the day!

So, whether you're a godparent, an honorary ‘guideparent’, or just the coolest aunt or uncle, these charming picks will ensure your gift stands out in the sea of baby presents. Let’s dive into the world of adorable outfits and cozy accessories, shall we?

Jersey Dress Suit Vianna - Coneflowers

Shop Jersey Dress Suit Vianna - Coneflowers now ➡️

Picture this: your goddaughter twirling around in a whimsical Jersey Dress Suit Vianna adorned with charming coneflowers. This delightful dress is perfect for adding a touch of floral fun to her wardrobe. Crafted from soft, breathable fabric, it's designed to keep her comfortable and stylish all day long.

The dress features a playful coneflower print that’s bound to inspire giggles and grins. With its easy-to-use buttons, even the trickiest nappy changes are a breeze. Whether it’s for a playdate or a family gathering, this dress is the ideal blend of comfort and style. It’s not just a gift; it’s a wardrobe must-have that’ll make your godchild the belle of the baby ball.

Jumpsuit L/S Dusty - Light Blue Whales

Shop Jumpsuit L/S Dusty - Light Blue Whales now ➡️

Ahoy there, guardian of giggles and grins! Set sail on a sea of cuteness with the Jumpsuit L/S Dusty in Light Blue Whales. This long-sleeved jumpsuit is crafted from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, making it as gentle on your godchild's skin as it is on the planet.

The hand-drawn whale print adds a splash of fun, perfect for cuddle fests and playtime adventures. Quick nappy changes are a breeze with the press buttons, making your life easier and keeping your little one comfy. Whether worn solo in summer or layered up for winter, this versatile piece doubles as dreamy pajamas, ensuring your godchild is the star of every sleepover. A whale of a time awaits!

Playsuit Havanna - Shell Flowers

Shop Playsuit Havanna - Shell Flowers now ➡️

If you're aiming to outshine the sun in your godchild’s universe, the Playsuit Havanna in Shell Flowers is your secret weapon. This cheeky charmer is lovingly crafted from 100% organic cotton, ensuring it's as soft as a godparent’s heart and as playful as your little mischief-maker.

With short sleeves and legs, it’s perfect for all seasons. Convenient press buttons at the shoulder and inseam make quick changes a snap, while the adorable front pocket with embroidery adds an extra sprinkle of charm. It’s not just a playsuit; it’s a staple that’ll make your godchild the cutest button in the bouquet. Get ready to seize the title of ‘Supreme Spoiler of Godchildren’ with this delightful piece!

Plait Knit Baby Blanket - Pine Green

Shop Plait Knit Baby Blanket - Pine Green now ➡️

Who says comfort and comedy can’t go hand in hand? With the Plait Knit Baby Blanket in Pine Green, you’ll wrap your godchild in a cozy cocoon of warmth and giggles. This ultra-soft cotton blanket is perfect for swaddling newborns, adding a comfy layer in the pram, or even building spontaneous living room forts.

The lush pine green color adds a splash of vibrancy to any nursery decor, while its easy-to-wash fabric makes it a practical choice for busy parents. Suitable for both infants and toddlers, this blanket is not just a gift; it’s a warm hug and a fortress of fun. Secure your spot as the godparent of the year with this essential accessory!

Baby Sleepsuit - Winter Ski

Shop Baby Sleepsuit - Winter Ski now ➡️

Prepare to glide into the hall of fame of godparenting with the Baby Sleepsuit in Winter Ski. This ‘too-cool-for-bed’ sleepsuit is crafted from the snuggliest 100% organic cotton flannel, making it a wearable winter wonderland for your little one.

Complete with a jolly skiing bunny pocket pal, it’s designed to spark imaginations and keep your godchild cozy. The easy-pop fasteners make nappy changes hassle-free, and the whimsical winter print transports your little adventurer to dreamland. Ribbon-wrapped and ready to gift, this sleepsuit ensures you’re the godparent with the mostest, wrapping your godchild in warmth and a blanket of giggles!

And there you have it, five delightful gift ideas that are sure to make you the hero in your godchild's eyes. From whimsical dresses to cozy blankets, each piece is carefully selected to bring joy, comfort, and a dash of fun to their little world.

So go ahead, pick the perfect gift and watch those tiny eyes light up with joy. After all, being a godparent, guideparent, or the coolest aunt or uncle is all about creating special memories and unforgettable moments. Happy gifting!

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